Highlight of Major Customers

In line with our core value of customer satisfaction, we have implemented solutions for many clients. We leverage on our consultative and technical expertise to ensure that our clients get optimal delivery and quality support for solutions that empower their business to run more effectively and productively. The list our customers include, but not limited to the following:


Oil & Gas Services

  • SNEPCO: Transcription of SGS Data: OML118, OML133, OPL245, OPL220, OPL219, OML 118 (Bonga Randon Time Gathers), Bonga_2000_SP_AFT_NavMrg_data, Magic_Gathers_(SRME), OPL 212w Filtered Stack and Raw Migration
  • SPDC: Transcription of OML18 2D-Lines, OML29 2D-Lines, OML13 2D-Lines, OML16 2D-Lines, Multiple 2d- Lines_v1, Multiple 2d- Lines_v2.
  • NAE: Transcription of OPL245 (LTO)
  • NAOC: Transcription of Tuomo(OML62) Tebidaba(OML63), OPL245, OPL135
  • EXXON / ESSO: Transcription of Esso Offshore OML138, OPL223_Owowo Stack, OML133, OML138_OPL223, Erha 4D, OML67-70 USARI, OML138, OML70_OSO OBC 3D, OML67 – ETIM
  • CHEVRON: Transcription of Assa North Ohaji South (ANOS), OML132, OML52, 53 & 55, OML 140, OPL95-OPOLO, OPL247 Nigeria Deepwater
  • ADDAX: Integrity Check of All Prospect received from Client.
  • NECONDE: Transcription of Jone-Creek.
  • SAHARA ENERGY: Tape copy and Transcription of Eastern Cape Data
  • FIRST E&P: Tape Copy and Transcription of OML85 & OML83.
  • NEWCROSS (OML24): Transcription of OML 24.
  • FrazOil E&P: Transcription of Benin Data.
  • EROTON E&P: Transcription of OML 18.
  • DPR: Transcription of OMEL DATA(OPL279).
  • AITEO E&P: Tape copy and Transcription of OML29.

EDMS Services

  • The Roding Medical Center: Digitization of Medical Records.
  • Abiodun Doherty & Co: Digitization of Legal Documents.
  • Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) Abuja: Electronic Document Management and Workflow Automation.
  • HTN Towers: Digitization of Document Archive (Phase 1 &2).
  • Federal Ministry of Health: Procurement and Supply of ICT Equipment.
  • International Business Machines (IBM): Physical Document Archiving.
  • Eroton Exploration & Production: Document Scanning & Invectorization of Well Log Documents.
  • Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) Abuja: Strategic Implementation of Digital Registry.

Software Services

  • Office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation (OHCSF): Abuja Content Managed Website
  • Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) Abuja: Basic Website Hosting and Content Management of e-recruitment portal.
  • Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC): Abuja Content Managed Website.
  • Co-Link Investment Management Limited: Designed, developed and implemented client stock portfolio management application.
  • Re-design and published Co-Link Investment Management Limited website.
  • Tusen Consulting Limited (formerly Adecco Nigeria Limited): Designed, developed and implemented web-based Human Resource Management Application.
  • Tusen Consulting Limited (formerly Adecco Nigeria Limited): Designed, developed and implemented e-recruitment portal.