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About Us

PetroData Management Services Limited (PMSL) was the first multi-clientele data centre in West Africa and most especially in Nigeria. Incorporated in October 1994 as a limited liability company, PetroData was established to pioneer data storage and management - as a data bank for the upstream and downstream sector of Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria and West Africa. Their dedication to data solutions has extended the breadth of their solutions to include four core integrated business areas; including Cloud Storage services, Electronic Document Management Systems, Document Scanning and Digitisation. PetroData provides these services across several verticals including Oil and Gas, Financial and Insurance Sectors, Governmental and non-governmental agencies.

Our Company Values

Vision Statement

To be the Petroleum Data Center for Nigeria and Africa.

Mission Statement

To store and manage Geophysical , Petrophysical and Geological data for our Clients in such a way as to prolong the life of all data in our custody, assuring their integrity and confidentiality using appropriate technology.

To be the Company of choice for the public and our staff and protect shareholder value. To give due regard to Health, Safety and Security of our Staff, and Clients who visit our offices; and be proactive in the Safeguard of our immediate Environment.